Friday, June 12, 2009

"Hey isn't that the chick from..."

Every once in a while I will notice an actor or lady actor who is not a household name by any means and yet I will remember them from some other small role they've had in the past. It's not exactly like seeing an old friend, but more like seeing someone you saw throw up in a sink at a frat party junior year. What tends to make it even better to me is I am usually one of the few people who notices this scale paid thespian.

When I was watching "The Hangover" (which you can hear Eric and me discuss here!) saw one of these "God bless them, they're still trying" actors. At the end, a woman appears as a character's wife and I instantly recognized her. Her name is Gillian Vigman and her three movie credits are pretty impressive for someone you'd probably never give a second look.

I first noticed Gillian as the main character's wife on the short lived ABC sitcom "Sons and Daughters" (it was about a dysfunctional family, to put it simply it was "Deep Impact" and "Arrested Development" was "Armageddon"). I didn't see her again until she began the storied film career that inspired me to write this post.

Gillian was one of the speed daters Steve Carell talks to in "40 Year Old Virgin" (she was the "Are you f*cking retarded?" one). Then she was one of the interviewers in "Step Brothers" ("You shouldn't tell the person interviewing you to shut their mouths"). Finally, she was in "The Hangover" (no lines).

So take a moment to notice Ms. Vigman the next time you watch one of these films and wish her luck. I know there was a lot of build up in this post to not much payoff, but hey I am sure Gillian feels the same way about her career so it's fitting.

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