Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week 7 TV Power Rankings

One note, "The Challenge: Cutthroat" was added

1. (1) “Chuck” – What was billed as the best episode of the season kinda fell flat for me. I think it had to do with my expectations being so high for it. I still thought it was a really good episode, but I think I liked the season premiere better. Guest star was Timothy Dalton who was James Bond in a couple movies, and was the grocery store owner in “Hot Fuzz”.
2. (2) “Community” – When Troy entered the secret garden and saw the bright light I thought what he found was going to be a lot better than a trampoline. However, the payoff of the gardener being a racist at the end was well worth it. The storyline with Abed becoming a “mean girl” didn’t really do much for me. Neither did Hilary Duff as a costar, I think we can now safely say her poor acting skills is why she wasn’t bigger.
3. (3) “Modern Family” – I will say this now, I don’t like the idea of Phil’s business getting so bad he might lose his job. I don’t really wanna watch if that happens. It would just be too depressing because it’s not like it’s a job he hates and then he’s gonna become something that will make him happier. Also, did anyone else notice Haley’s hair was changing length throughout the episode? Lazy writing last week, lazy editing this week.
4. (5) “Terriers” – One of the most touching stories surrounding a murdered transvestite stories I have seen in a long time. I know I say it every week, but it will really be a shame if this show doesn’t get a second season.
5. (6) “30 Rock” – I thought this was another great episode that has continued this season’s return to the quality of Season 1 episodes. Jack telling Jonathan he had to cut off Jack’s pinky and bring it to his lawyer in order to be his mentee was one of the funnier interactions the two have had in a while. Jack’s phone call to Liz’s dad was also classic and I really enjoyed his identifying himself as a “corrupt cop, and my brothers are corrupt firemen.”
6. (4) “Walking Dead” – It was nowhere near as good as the pilot, but I think I still might have had enough of a Halloween hangover going to still be amped for watching zombie killing. This week’s episode didn’t disappoint with one dead guy getting an axe right to his head. Next week’s should be very interesting as the Sheriff should be seeing his son and wife, and his best friend who’s been nailing his wife, in the woods, from behind, count it!
7. (7) “Sons of Anarchy” – A lot more action than there has been in the past few episodes which was good to see. However, just as Jax is looking like he’s close to getting his kidnapped son back in Ireland, his pregnant girlfriend gets kidnapped back home. Let’s finish one thing at a time please, this season’s been exhausting.
8. (8) “The Office” – I found myself comparing this episode to the Wedding from last year and I think that is a bit unfair to this episode. While it wasn’t nearly as strong as the wedding (which was the best of last season), it wasn’t terrible either. I liked the people who only came to the after-Christening for the food, and I really liked the whole sequence with Toby not being able to enter the church (although why didn’t he have an issue going to Pam & Jim’s or Phyllis’ weddings??) and then asking God why he is so mean to him.
9. (9) “The Event” – Wasn’t on
10. (15) “Eastbound and Down” – See, now this is what I wanted. I get the idea of the journey throughout this season makes the return all the sweeter to watch. But I just felt like 2 or 3 of the Mexico episodes could have been taken out. I was so happy to see all the characters from last season again, and loved the scene with Cutler and Kenny in the car before he found April. HBO has picked it up for another season which would be at the least a year away, but I am hoping it won’t be all about Kenny in Myrtle Beach and then have him return to North Carolina for one episode again.
11. (X) “The Challenge: Cutthroat” – It was requested this show be added to the list, and I actually kicked myself a little for not adding it on my own sooner. So far it hasn’t been an all-time Real World/Road Rules Challenge, but there have been some great moments. The Vinny/Big Easy Gualag was riveting. There were too big die each player had to be on. They had to roll it, without touching the ground, onto a square with the number five facing up. Now as they are doing this, they cut to one of those candid interviews and Brad says something to the effect of, “I’m looking at both these guys and they are both so locked in and concentrated and you can tell things are about to get dicey” DICEY! I swear I don’t think he meant to say it either! Highlight of the season for me so far.
12. (10) “Boardwalk Empire” – Jimmy Darmody is heading back to AC. I have to admit, at this point I only really care about Jimmy and Chalkie so this makes me happy. I feel like the characters who aren’t constantly around Nucky don’t get as much attention and this will allow for more time spent on Jimmy.
13. (11) “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” – SNL cast member Jason Sudekis guest starred this week as an old member of the gang who had been kicked out. Literally, they kicked him out of a moving car. Had some funny moments and Charlie’s job interview was a highlight, as was Newsradio’s Dave Foley’s appearance as the principal. Still, this season is continuing to be a disappointment for me and this show might just be past it’s prime.
14. (12) “Hawaii 5-O” – I didn’t watch it. Don’t really care that I didn’t, nor do I plan to rectify that situation. Next week’s looks good though, I’ll watch that.
15. (13) “How I Met Your Mother” – I always think it’s stupid when “The Simpsons” Treehouse of Horror episode is on after Halloween, so I have to say the same about this week’s HIMYM. Now that’s out of the way, I didn’t really think this was a particularly strong episode either. I like Will Forte, and liked the first time he was on the show. I just didn’t like it the same this week. And I didn’t think you got a severance if you’re fired from your job due to incompetence?
16. (14) “Cougar Town” – I like anytime a show does an homage to “The Usual Suspects” and I thought it did it very well in this week’s episode.
17. (17) “Fringe” – It’s nice to see the kid who played Iceman in the “X-Men” movies is still acting, and he even has a twin who acts too!
18. (18) “Family Guy” – When Peter, Joe and Quagmire drove past Meg and her friends and yelled out “Ugly bitches!”, well that was about as hard as I laughed all week.
19. (16) “Raising Hope” – Wasn’t on
20. (19) “Glee” – Wasn’t on
21. (20) “The League” – Taco bringing a real gun to use as a starter’s pistol was pretty funny. I think he’s the only character I like. Fear Boners is a very good fantasy team name as well.
22. (22) “Survivor” – I feel like every week you can definitely see who’s going to get voted out about 20 minutes before the show ends. There are no real surprises this season and that’s why it’s so low here.
23. (21) “Running Wilde” – Wasn’t on
24. (23) “Parenthood” – Wasn’t on

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