Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 2 TV Power Rankings

FYI: "My Generation" was cancelled and thus removed from the rankings

Previous week's ranking in parentheses

1. (1) “Chuck” – I’m sorry guys, but I don’t think this one’s moving for a while
2. (3) “Mad Men” – This show is very good
3. (2) “Jersey Shore” – I’m surprised there isn’t more widespread love for Pauly D, he’s really the only character besides the Situation that I’d watch in a spinoff
4. (5) “Community” – Matt’s boy Drew Carey made a guest appearance this week, and this show has been the most consistent comedy so far
5. (4) “Modern Family” – I felt like it took a step back last week because it was pandering to the complaints all last season that we never saw Cameron and Mitchell kiss
6. (7) “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” – Those first two episodes weren’t really classic Sunny, but their buying of a boat this past week was more like the better episodes they’ve done. Dennis’ plan about the implications of being out on the open water and Mac’s reaction were great.
7. (10) “Terriers” – I think they may have gone too far with the plotline in the last episode, but it’s been an amazing start to a new series so far.
8. (8) “Sons of Anarchy” – Just so you know, don’t get used to this being down so low as these continue
9. (6) “Cougar Town” – This one falls a little bit because the second episode was more like one of those downer “Scrubs” episodes and that’s not what I look for from this show
10. (9) “Hawaii 5-O” – It’s unfair to this show that it went down one spot, but that is only because of how good “Terriers” is. I like this show a lot and as Brian knows, I don’t normally like crappy procedurals like this.
11. (14) “Raising Hope” – This is my favorite new comedy. The dad’s waiting for the mom to come have sex and how much information he was sharing with his son was hysterical. Matt and Aaron, the chick with the ukulele that Ted married on “Scrubs” was in this one with a dead tooth.
12. (15) “The Office” – Alright Office, I’m liking what I am seeing. I really liked the insight into Michael’s obsession with being a manager and Pam’s bit about becoming Office Administrator. Not top ten quality yet, but I got my eye on it.
13. (16) “How I Met Your Mother” – Still not getting a whole lot of laughs this season, but this week’s episode with Barney’s family was quite touching. And Barney trying to join the sing along was very enjoyable.
14. (11) “Family Guy” – I’m not a big fan of when the right bashes the left, or vice-versa. I just don’t care, so this week’s episode was a wasted half hour for me.
15. (19) “30 Rock” – The second episode was as close to classic “30 Rock” as it’s been in a long time. Jack’s video teachings for his son was just below the level of his commercial outtakes from season one.
16. (13) “Boardwalk Empire” – I like this show. I do. I just don’t love it. It does seem like it’s starting to pick up a bit more and I was very happy to see Omar from “The Wire” as the guy who coined the phrase “motherf*cker”.
17. (17) “Glee” – I liked the music a lot better in this Britney Spears themed episode. I’ve maintained for a while the Brittany whose on the show was the best dancer they had, but I didn’t know how hot she was until this one. It’s still not as good as last season though.
18. (18) “Eastbound and Down” – Surprisingly no movement with this show despite the return of Stevie Janowski. I do like the owner of the baseball team though. Quick question though, doesn’t his team suck? So how is a closer supposed to help turn them around?
19. (20) “Mike & Molly” – Do you have a half hour to kill? You could do far worse than this show. It’s just pleasant.
20. (12) “The Event” – This show is one part “Flashforward”, one part “V” and one part seasons 2-4 of “Prison Break”. That’s not a good thing. AT ALL.
21. (24) “Parenthood” – If Julie and I didn’t watch this together, then I’d probably stop watching it.
22. (21) “Survivor” – Goodbye Jimmy Johnson. Hello Jimmy T, why didn’t you tell me from the beginning you were a Pats season ticket holder. What do you think of the Moss deal?
23. (25) “Running Wilde” – Better. Still bad, but better.
24. (23) “The League” – This show is bad. Here’s the deal, the chemistry between the characters is good enough where they don’t have to constantly come back to them being put in ridiculous fantasy football related scenarios. It’s supposed to be about a regular fantasy league. Well first off, it’s eight teams, let’s change that right now. Instead of 2 out of towners, have 4, no big deal. Second, we’ve been playing fantasy football since we were in high school. How many NFL players have we met? If I’m not mistaken, I don’t believe it’s a new one every week. Show’s bad.

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