Friday, October 29, 2010

Week 5 TV Power Rankings

1. (1) “Chuck” – Instead of telling you guys you should watch this every week I am just gonna start listing the guests stars so you can see they get real good ones. This week was Eric Roberts, Batista from the WWE and the tall skinny guy from “Dodgeball” and “Avatar”.
2. (3) “Community” – I thought this was the weakest of the episodes of the season. If another one like this happens soon then it could be passed by the next show on the list very soon.
3. (4) “Modern Family” – I wasn’t thrilled with the preschool storyline, nor was I thrilled with the idea of Tom Brady being hurt on Phil’s fantasy team. However, I really liked the Jay/Gloria plot and I thought it was Manny’s best episode yet, continuing a very solid sophomore season.
4. (5) “Terriers” – This show’s really good and it’s getting better. It’s got great acting, great writing and the episodes are half stand alone and half serialized. I’d highly suggest people watching this week.
5. (6) “Sons of Anarchy” – I haven’t watched this week yet because next week’s is a 90 min episode and I’ve come so far that I just wanna watch them together. So yeah, deal with that.
6. (9) “30 Rock” – After the live episode was just so-so, I thought this show continued its resurgent season. Kelsey Grammar’s guest spot might have been the funniest on any show this year too.
7. (7) “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”– I really liked this episode until the next day I was thinking about the stuff with the dog that wouldn’t die. I started to think it was something I’d seen before and then I realized I had, on this show. A few seasons ago they had an episode with a cat that couldn’t die. This realization really took some of the shine off this week’s episode.
8. (10) “Boardwalk Empire” – I finally got the payback from Jimmy Darmody I was looking for and I was highly satisfied. This show is good, though it’s still not one I simply can’t wait to watch every week.
9. (11) “Hawaii 5-O” – Another solid episode. This show is what it is, kind of like a 6th man who gives you 10 points every night. You’re usually happy with what you get, but you’re never thinking it will make it to the starting five.
10. (8) “Jersey Shore” – Another episode of The Situation being a dick and I will be completely honest and say I can use the break from this people for a few months.
11. (12) “How I Met Your Mother” – I am going to reserve judgment on this new arc until I see where it heads. I have heard rumors though that the woman who was protesting will be a major woman in Ted’s life. Could she be the mother? I don’t know but I’m getting tired of the chicks in Ted’s life not being the mother.
12. (14) “The Office” – I thought this was a pretty good episode, not a classic but decent. I thought it was one of Meredith’s high points and I always like when Ryan’s douche-ness is allowed to come out. I wouldn’t get too worried about the new guy being a potential Michael Scott replacement though because he has his own show on FX called “Justified” (which will debut on the rankings in February). The best thing from this week has to be the potential of a Todd Packer appearance coming soon!
13. (20) “The Event” – I can admit it when I am wrong and I was wrong. This show is getting really good and I am beginning to look forward to it every week. I still don’t really care about the young guy and his girlfriend that much, but I am loving the plots about the “aliens”.
14. (13) “Cougar Town” – Some good things this week, especially when they tried to convince Ellie she was just as dumb as everyone else. Still, this show isn’t nearly what it once was and Travis is kind of starting to creep me out.
15. (15) “Raising Hope” – Wasn’t on because of baseball
16. (18) “Eastbound and Down” – Now this was more like the E&B of last season. I really liked Don Johnson as Kenny’s dad (although not as much as his appearance in the LeBron ad). I think the show should continue on this upswing as Kenny returns stateside.
17. (16) “Fringe” – Wasn’t on because of baseball
18. (17) “Family Guy” – Was a repeat
19. (19) “Glee” – Wasn’t on because of baseball
20. (23) “The League” – Another strong episode and I can’t ignore the fact it was also another episode without a NFL guest. Also, the storyline was a lot more relatable than some of the weaker early season episodes.
21. (21) “Running Wilde” – I absolutely hate it when networks show episodes out of order. This latest episode seemed more like it should have been the second episode and wasn’t very good either. I’ve said it before, but I think it’s just a matter of time until this show is scratched from the lineup.
22. (22) “Survivor” – I’m glad they switched up the tribes and hopefully this season will begin to improve. At this point though, I just can’t wait for next season with a tribe led by Boston Rob and one led by Russell.
23. (24) “Parenthood” – This show just isn’t as interesting as it used to be and the payoffs for the moral victories of the characters aren’t worth the crap they had to deal with to get there. That’s why it’s in last place.

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