Friday, October 29, 2010

Week 4 TV Power Rankings

1. (1) “Chuck” – I thought this was probably the weakest episode of the season, but it wasn’t close to being weak enough to knock “Chuck” off the number one slot.
2. (2) “Mad Men” – The season finale wasn’t the best episode ever, but this season was probably the second best after Season 1. The day after a cable show ends always sucks because I know this won’t be back until next summer.
3. (3) “Community” – There’s been a lot of comparisons of this week’s episode to the legendary paintball episode. Those comparisons are ridiculous because the paintball episode is the best sitcom episode in the last five years besides the first “Office” Christmas party. This episode based on “Apollo 13” references was still damn good and this show has created even more distance among itself and the other comedies on the list.
4. (5) “Modern Family” – I was a little worried MF was gonna hit a sophomore slump the way “Cougar Town” has, but I have been very satisfied with this season. I thought the Phil MC storyline was great, I loved Haley saying she “invented McKenzie” and my favorite part was Mitchell thinking Cam wanted him to shave his shoulders. The bike shorts didn’t really do it for me, but I know some people enjoyed it.
5. (6) “Terriers” – After a long story arc that covered several episodes, this week’s was more of a stand alone piece. The stellar chemistry and humor between the two leads allows the show to have really dark and depressing storylines without becoming a total bummer. This was also a perfect episode for someone who’s never seen the show to sample to see if they approve.
6. (7) “Sons of Anarchy” – I’m starting to feel like I rank this show so high because of how incredible Season 2 was. Now I’m entertained by the season and am enjoying it, but it’s been a lot slower to develop than the previous two seasons. Long story short, the main character’s son was kidnapped in last season’s finale. Through six episodes they still don’t have him back and I am nervous they won’t until this season’s finale. I’m not in favor of the storyline stretching out that far, nor did I expect it to.
7. (8) “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” – Now that was the kind of Sunny episode I was looking for. This season hasn’t been great, but if they can take the momentum from this one we could be looking and a nice comeback story.
9. (9) “30 Rock” – They did the show live this week. I also feel weird watching live shows that aren’t SNL, like something’s wrong with my TV. It was good for a show that obviously was put on with a higher degree of difficulty, but I can’t say it was one of the funnier episodes they’ve ever done.
10. (10) “Boardwalk Empire” – I thought last week’s episode was the best of the season and so my expectations were high for this week’s episode. The result was I was pretty disappointed. Now it’s not a bad show or even a bad episode, but my attention span is not what it once was and I was looking for more action then build up and development, and I got the latter.
11. (13) “Hawaii 5-O” – The show is just good. I can’t believe I have stuck with it but the characters are top notch, the setting is beautiful in HD and I like the storylines.
12. (14) “How I Met Your Mother” – This episode made me remember how thankful I am to not still be living in NYC. Thank you HIMYM.
13. (11) “Cougar Town” – This ship is sinking and I am sadly going down with it after telling so many people to hop on with me. It’s just a little too real this year, when last season was more fun. Also, I never really took notice of it last year, but they drink A LOT of wine. And during the day!
14. (15) “The Office” – H – I – R – P – E – S. We can all agree that this season is gonna focus a lot on Michael and Holly ending up together, right? Also, I read this episode might have been showcasing Andy as a potential replacement for Michael and his Sex Ed class was a trial for how he’d run the office. I don’t think I’d be super thrilled or super upset with that decision.
15. (12) “Raising Hope” – I still like this show a lot, but I noticed this past week was more of an episode where I would say “That’s funny” rather than laugh. That’s not good.
16. (16) “Fringe” – This show’s having a very strong third season, but I also don’t think it’s a show you can just jump right into either. So the boat’s pretty much sailed for all of you except Matt and me.
17. (17) “Family Guy” – The NLCS was on instead.
18. (19) “Eastbound and Down” – Yeah, I don’t know. There are funny lines, but the genius of the first season was they took this douchebag guy and made him loveable. This season he’s more annoying and tough to take a lot of the time. Plus, I miss a lot of the characters they took away and am not loving the new ones. However, that’s Nash Bridges as his dad! I am excited to see where that goes.
19. (18) “Glee” – I’m starting to not even remember what these episodes are about. The storylines are just all over the place every week. There was a girl on girl scene between the two cheerleaders though, so it’s not like I am gonna stop watching.
20. (20) “The Event” – This just got a full season order, which means they will make 22 or so episodes and it won’t be cancelled (if it is at all) until after this year. This show isn’t the worst thing on TV by any stretch of the imagination. But I think they made a huge mistake advertising it as “24” and “Lost” combined. There’s really nowhere to go but down from there.
21. (24) “Running Wilde” – This show’s getting funnier, but sadly it doesn’t appear to be long for the TV world. It’s a shame, but I’ll take my 30 minutes back per week so I can spend more time on my Madden Franchise. 2012 season, Pats are 14-0, Brady has 55 TD passes and my running back is named Tiger Hawthorne. I also have a rookie WR named Sleepy Richardson who is NASTY!
22. (22) “Survivor” – I will confess I haven’t seen this episode yet. I know they mixed up the tribes and Tyrone got voted off and I can’t say I am a fan of either of those happenings.
23. (25) “The League” – Maybe the best episode of the season, still a terrible season.
24. (22) “Parenthood” – I want it to be known that I did enjoy this show’s first season. This season is just too boring and maybe a little too adult for me. I am just not enjoying watching it nearly as much and I don’t care about the plots either. That’s a bad recipe for getting enjoyment out of a TV show by the way.

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