Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

I know I let you all down by missing a post yesterday, but I hope you can trust that I had important things keeping me away. And fun fact, I don't know if you were like me and thought you could drill a screw into a metal door but guess what? You can't.

With it being Thursday and many of you waiting until the clock strikes five to go out and get a refreshing beverage, I thought it was a good time to list some characters from movies I'd enjoying grabbing a beer with. Repeat, grab a beer with. The "Sex and the City" chicks and their cosmos are not eligible.

Band - Stillwater

People like the term "party like a rock star" so I thought my first group should be the guys from the band Stillwater from "Almost Famous". I like bands where the guys grew up together, not where someone answered an ad in the paper or someone was banging someone whose cousin's band needed a keyboardist. These guys seem like down to earth dudes, especially because in the movie they hadn't really hit it big yet. Finally, they were a rock band in the 70's so their stories would be outrageous and just get better as the Miller High Life kept flowing.

Criminals - Eddie, Tom, Soap and Bacon

The crew from "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" would be my choice for criminals I'd like to grab a pint with. Mostly because they're not real criminals, they just got put in a tough situation and had to act outside the law. That takes a lot of the danger out of the scenario and would make me feel a lot better about not being stabbed or have someone yell "I'm funny how?" at me. You also can't go wrong with Sting being the bartender at the bar they drink at either. And if Vinnie Jones came by to slam down a Smithwick's as well, I'd allow it and tell him I loved "Eurotrip".

Athletes - Cleveland Indians

The movie "Major League" might be my favorite all-time baseball movie. To all the people who just freaked out and said "What about 'Field of Dreams'?" Well in that movie Shoeless Joe Jackson bats right-handed when in real life he hit lefty. You can't have those type of errors and contend for top baseball movie in my opinion I don't care how touching that game of catch is. Besides we all know Rick Vaughn did actually pitch in the California Penal League. I just think the characters on this Indians club would be the balls to drink with. I feel like it would be similar to the "Wade Boggs once drank 64 Miller Lites on a cross-country trip" story.

Actors - Mikey, Trent, Rob, Sue and Charles

I bet you thought I meant real actors, didn't you? Actually I am referring to the guys from the movie "Swingers". Now I don't think I'd want to spend the weekend with these guys, but the night when they meet up with Charles (the blind guy from "Becker", shut up you watched "Becker") and they hang out talking about movies beforehand was cool with me. I wouldn't mind shooting the sh*t about some movies with this crew over some Blue Moons then hitting a party or bar. The one criteria I'd have is I get to be the one to say "Yeah this place is dead anyways" when we leave.

Regular guys - Willie, Tommy, Paul, Mo and Kev

Now here's my number one for guys I'd wanna have a Coors Light with. Just a couple regular guys from a snowy town in Massachusetts together for their high school reunion hanging at The Johnson Inn (They got apps!). They get MAJOR points for when they break into the rendition of "Sweet Caroline" because drunk singing is one of my all-time favorite pastimes. They also hang out with some pretty smoking ladies like Uma Thurman, Lauren Holly, Mira Sorvino and a 15-year-old Natalie Portman. Actually, move that last one to first on the list.

Have a fun and safe Thirsty Thursday everyone, and if there's any character you'd wanna have a beer with email us at or call in to the podcast next Wednesday.

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